GoQba was formed from a cooperation with the Korea National University Medical Center Neurological Research Team. An initial prototype algorithm for fast, high accuracy object detection using cutting edge deep learning AI was created. Soon after, GoQba entered into Google's Developer Launchpad and presented the technology at major exhibitions such as Web Summit and Techcrunch Disrupt. 

Now, we are focused on bringing our AI technology to other areas such as healthcare (gaze-point tracking / OCR) and logistics (ICR / OCR).

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Video is becoming ubiquitous in the modern era. Our vision is to build and train AI that is able to create actionable insights directly from visual data. The big problems we are focused on:


 ▶ Using gaze-point tracking to identify neurological problems early


 ▶ Automating the task of converting handwritten text to data via cutting edge OCR and ICR AI

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We create AI that uses convolutional networks and deep-learning to effectively create insights, predictions, and usable data from (comparatively) low resolution video data.


In some cases, multi-modal data is also applied in order to create more accurate outcomes, such as in our predictive "WeKare" product where we combine base body data such as heart rate, blood sugar level, and blood pressure with precise head, eye and body tracking to create superior predictions and diagnostics.

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